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Equity crowdfunding helps start-ups raise funds from the public in exchange for unlisted shares (equity) in the business.

In order to protect public investors, equity crowdfunding platforms are government regulated. There are rules around how much can be raised, how much can be invested, and how often you use them.  This scrutiny ensures your money is always invested in legitimate companies. 

At GreenPepper Invest, your money provides entrepreneurs with vital growth capital at a stage when risk-averse banks, private equity firms, and even some venture capital investors are hesitant to get involved; growth capital in businesses seeking to make a positive environmental and social impact on the world. 

Equity crowdfunding is better for raising larger amounts than you could get through rewards-based crowdfunding.

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Need help becoming investor-ready? Struggling with a go-to-market plan or growth strategy? We are passionate experts driven by a purpose to mentor early-stage business for success, aligning ESG strategy with sustainable impact principles for a better future. Get in touch and let us help mentor and finance your sustainability business for success!

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