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Backing and building the next generation of Tech-for-Sustainability companies.

Did you know that Climate Change is only one of 10 problems the world is facing?

We build sustainable business and back innovators that aim to solve for all ten of these problems.

Did you also know that venture capital, as most people generally understand it, is conceptually flawed?

Early-stage business does not need to be high-growth to still be profit generative nor does anyone benefit from the pressure of large investment cheques : early-stage business needs the right money at the right time. GreenPepper Capital is this multi-asset class investor. Our platform matches thoughtful investors with de-risked Tech-for-Sustainability startups. With a focus on 'triple bottom line' longevity, wealth creation is not at the expense of people or planet.

Finance is an enabler of change.

When implementing growth strategy, GreenPepper Capital never compromises on value-adding and de-risking business models through the lens of Environmental and Social Governance. Knowing this, investors can align your personal values and investment objectives by backing these early-stage business (investees).

This relationship impact is already changing acceptable commercial metrics making for better environmental and social engagement.

We invite you to finance tomorrow’s early stage 'Tech-for-sustainability' disruptors and innovators. Today.