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Automating manual process in the construction industry with mobile cutting robots.

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Invest in startups you love. Empower new sustainable business.

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Helping companies manage their sustainability actions to achieve net zero emissions

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Commercial investment. Solving for real world problems.

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Australia’s first 100% Tech-for-Sustainability equity finance and debt funding platform. We match investees and investors.

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At GreenPepper Invest we showcase sustainable investment opportunities: business that improves society, the environment and your financial future.


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GreenFarm: Bringing resource-efficient, modular urban farming to life. Because food scarcity is an inevitable reality.
EverCharge: EV charging pods offering sustainable energy supplied, low cost electric vehicle charging solutions.
HeartFull: Bridging the community gap between those happy to help and those who need it.
SocialRiver: facillitating young adult learning journeys to develop creative socio-ecological responsibility.
GreenKPI: a ‘world first’ sustainability software providing business with practical actions to reduce carbon emissions.
ProcMarket: a Digital Marketplace for Procurement solutions.

We create social, environmental and economic value by linking sustainability with financial returns.

With your help, early-stage Tech-for-Sustainability innovators are now raising the capital they need to spark great ideas and ignite growth. Together, we rewire the economy for a brighter future by investing in sustainable business, earning returns while positively impacting people and the environment.

Net Zero

Water & sanitation

Land use, food & agritech

Built environment

Circular business models

Mobility logistics & air quality

Innovative materials and supply chains

Biodiversity & nature

Health, wellbeing & biotech

Sustainable fintech & edtech

Ethics led

Our company is led by solid ESG ethics and stakeholder sustainability values  


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Create a better world together, Investing responsible capital in businesses which advance the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals

  Invest with us - Want to know more about those 17 Goals?

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